Identify a prospective club and matching a player with the requirements of the specific club is one component of the overall transfer process.  However, negotiating a contract, or as PSM would like to call it - the “Art of Negotiation” is the key component.  When PSM represent’s their clients, our focus is on what’s in the client’s best interest.   This is an element we maintain throughout the entire negotiation process.  Our goal is to structure a player transfer where our client’s personal and professional objectives exceed beyond those they had expected.

PSM offers a wide variety of services for our clients, including but not limited to the following:




Contractual Negotiation:

Every contract negotiated is as unique as each player.  Representing our clients to ensure they achieve the terms they are seeking and allowing them to not only maximize their earning potential, but also future growth prospects are pillars we stand by.


Club Representation:

Professional clubs are often are seeking that one player, who could either strengthen their squad or be the game changer for the upcoming season.  PSM’s vast network of professionals across the globe, many former international players and or current coaches, allows PSM insight and access to a talent pool that is unique in its own right.


Sponsorship/Image Rights

Often overlooked and under valued are the numerous sponsorship and image rights opportunities that exist for a player.  Our management team holds a strong marketing background and has been successful in obtaining sponsorship deals from leading European and North American companies.  The possibilities are endless and together PSM with our clients can open a world of new opportunities.



Well in advance of completing any transfer, we engage with our clients and present all the options to them.  Given our efficient team and ability to quickly react and respond to any opportunity, we ensure no opportunity is missed; all while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality throughout the entire process.


Advisory Services

PSM’s global network of legal and financial advisors, are just some of the resources available to our clients.  Our multilingual advisors can support our clients with professional services in almost any area, including: Law, Financial & Tax Planning, Immigration and Business Consulting.


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